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Samta Benyahia

Samta Benyahia

A la lumière des matins......(Albert Camus)
26 Janvier - 26 Février

The crossing of the moucharabiehs and other jealousies...

« When we look to Samta Benhyahia proposals, inclued in her work, since years, we couldn't make abstraction, of course, of personal and current indication which appear there.Impossible, and absurd, especially, not to connect these pieces to her characteristic existence of a woman born in Algérie.(...)Samta Benyahia, in purpuse, introduced a particular element which functions in a recurring way (the moucharabieh) which comes to be essential as a very identified object whose variations are constituted as answers to the interrogations that it generates. (...)Samta pointed out some, to start with the obviousness which this object imposes, dividing the outside and the interior, public space and private space, also protecting from the light and heat by creating a shade proprice and adequate, exploitin this ability to be able to observe  outside without bein really seen, evoking, at last, a welcome intimacy. This separation, in the other hand marked women's living space, who were held récluses in a complicity which belonged to them.

 (...)Because of a lot of processes of reproduction (as the photography or the serigraphy) which are used for to her to intervene in space where its installations are located, to occupy these places
of visibility by recoveries of images which institute thresholds there, penetrable screens that it is necessary for us at the same time to look at and cross mentally.

 (...) Mnemotechnics' tools then, not only because of the specific rosaces of the Maghrebian moucharabieh, it point out the origins of Samta Benyahia to us.

 (...)But her work says well more when she indicates that to go from one to other, or when one will go towards the other, we should survey a transitory space, the paving stone of a court or any other anteroom, which proves to be actually the true hinge between interior and outside. A transitory space, that where can be established a relation, a meeting, a dialogue, a contact (...)"

Ramon Tio Bellido